January 29, 2011

More Third Eye Blind Concert Pics

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January 26, 2011


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For those that know me, and those that don’t even know me that well… you know one thing: I LOVE Third Eye Blind! It’s been an obsession of mine for many many years. It probably started when I was eleven and my Mom bought their first album and we listened to it non-stop on road trips. Thanks Mom!

Anyway, I’ve gotten to see them live a few times and every time is like Christmas for me and I feel like I’m walking on a cloud of awesomeness for the next week or so. So I saw them last August and again just the other weekend at Sundance in Park City, UT. And it was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

First off, My friend Mallary and I showed up and waited in the frigid twenty-one degree temperatures for over two and a half hours to make sure we had the very best spot picked out.  And though most of it was a blur because I swear I was so cold I was hallucinating a few things. And we met some other awesomely devoted 3eb fans, There was a moment when I truly thought that I was going to lose my toes from frost bite – But hey, what a story to tell right? – In fact when they finally let us inside I had to firmly grasp the railing down the stairway because I still did not have feeling in the whole top part of my feet and didn’t want to fall to my death before seeing this awesome show!

Crash Kings opened for Third Eye Blind and I had never heard of them before but WHOA what talented musicians. I’ve always wished I could have mastered an instrument like that!

Then finally after waiting and waiting and still de-thawing… Third Eye Blind took the stage. It was such a small club and it was amazing! I literally was three feet or less from the stage in the very front and what a show!

I got to hear Stephan say that he loved me again (I’m sure it’s not THAT special but I felt awesome when I said “I love Love LOVE you!” and he replied with “I love you too sweetheart.”) And he threw his first guitar pic to me, along with a sweaty towel  – Which my husband STILL thinks is disguising by the way. I tease him and say that I’m going to figure out a way to clone him from this sweat and raise the baby clone as our own and make some good money off him. This of course is a joke. I know nothing about science, cloning, or playing God … but if I did?… Nah. Not even then – and I also got a second guitar pic, a pic from Abe, and a glow stick that Stephan threw out and I shook like a psycho and partook in a glow stick saber fight with a new friend we made waiting in the line. I was kinda sad that I didn’t get to hear “Slow Motion” but oh well, I’ve gotten to hear that live every other time and it’s always been marvelous each time!

After the show ended, my friend and I snuck to the VIP section of the club and waited around to see if anyone would come out afterward for pics or a “hello”. Kryz came out for a drink and a hello. Brad came out and chatted with us for a while and took some pictures. Very VERY cool guy! I told him that I was sad that there wasn’t any merch for sale and that my Mom was going to probably kill me for not getting her a shirt. He mentioned they weren’t supposed to sell merch at this place or they didn’t have something setup at this club or something like that but said there was a box backstage and that he would make sure that we got shirts. I ended up with two shirts (one for me and one for my mom) and was elated that he hooked us up (Obviously I am still alive today, writing this because of this hookup,  that saved my life from my Mother’s fury).

There was this odd Mother-Daughter skank trio that kept following us all over cuz they noticed us talking to Brad (Even though when they asked us who that was we took pics with and I did a face-palm inside my mind I still told them calmly that that was Brad, the drummer, for Third Eye Blind… you know the band you just watched and kept trying to get in front of us to see.. yeah him! – Morons!) After an hour or so of waiting around in the VIP section the Skank Trio kept talking to us and trying to buddy-buddy to see if we were going to wait around for Stephan to come out and they definitely wanted to wait next to us until that happened to mob him. Finally they got bored and started to get whiny and left only after I told them that we were on our way out also and got my coat. About ten mins after they left, Stephan came out looking so tired. We said hi to him as he left and didn’t really mind if we didn’t end up getting a pic with him after all because it was an amazing show. He came back a few mins later and said hello. We asked if we could have a picture with him, He politely replied, “Of course.” And we took our pics and said thank you and left happily. Unfortunately, my phone battery was about to die and my photo ended up really blurry. But Mallary’s was perfect. It’s all good though.

Here are the awesome photos:

Me and Brad

Mallary & Stephan Jenkins

Me & Stephan Jenkins

November 3, 2008

Some more pictures….

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The Mesa Sunset….

Blustery Day in Utah