October 24, 2010

Halloween-ish LOL Cats!

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August 25, 2010

Third Eye Blind – How Stephan Jenkins Professed His UnDying Love For Me….

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Don’t worry… Kris (The Husb) knew I’d say something like this to Stephan Jenkins… and of course I don’t mean it but perhaps in my next life when we’re both unicorns….? Or in another parallel universe, where I’m Katy Perry and he’s still a cool rock god?

Anyway, I should prob keep my mouth shut a little more when I’m in the presence or infamous rockstar-ery. Words like this just slip out of my mouth….

PS. I have several hundred witnesses but if you STILL don’t believe me check this video out:

August 2, 2010

Pet “Dye-ing”

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Actually the pics of these animals are really cool! I’m assuming this color is safe on the animals… And it does give a different outlook on “Animal Tested” Products ;)

Personally I would only maybe do the “panda” look to my dog… if I had a dog. But some of these are pretty artsy!

August 1, 2010

Antoine Dodson – Can’t Get Over How Awesome This Kid Is!

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If you haven’t seen this video, it’s been number one on youtube for the last few days. It’s an actual interview with a local news station regarding a break-in occurring in The Projects in Huntsville, AL

Watch this Video First:

Days Later WAFF comes in to talk to Antoine Dodson about how is life has changed…

My fave part, the end of the video where he tells the reporter what he would do to the guy who broke in if he found him before the police did…

And now… enjoy the awesome remix of a song created from this interview… I’ve literally watched this ten or more times and created a ringtone from it…

June 1, 2010

Memba These Guys?

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PACMAN – 1980

Mario & Luigi – Fighting Crime As Always… cuz that damn Princess Peach is a slut and getting

captured by these crazy pervy turtles with spikes on their shells…

What MARIO really looked like… no wonder Peach kept chillin with other dudes/turtles…

Scar from The Lion King – Still lookin pretty pissy

DUCKTALES – I loved this show!

Pikachu – From Pokemon

The REAL Carebear!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? – SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!!!!

Hey look kids it’s Animal from the Muphets! Doesn’t he look

just as cuddly and nice as you remember him?? :)

Awe… Charlie Brown

Homer from The Simpsons… just a little more frightening!

DEXTER – From Dextor’s Laboratory! Loved that show!

He kinda reminds me a little of the kid on Christmas Story in this pic.

Peter Griffin from The Family Guy… Kinda reminds me of my

High School Algebra teacher…. creepy!

Stewie from The Family Guy

More of the Simpsons crew

We’re Off To See The Wizard – The Modern Wizard of Oz portrait

Winnie The Pooh & Tigger too!

“Death To Leonardo” – Strawberry Shortcake & Buttercup Sprinkles

defeat the Ninja Turtle known as Leonardo… THIS SHIT IS ART!

May 21, 2010


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Sometimes… This is what it’s like to be a woman….

May 14, 2010

LOST – Win

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I’ve been an avid Lost watcher for years… This comic made me actually LOL :

May 3, 2010

HCG Diet – Take Two….

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So…. I didn’t want to… but I’m doing a second round of HCG with my Husband.

This diet works incredibly fast and well, it’s just a bit depressing to be on. Because you really can’t eat anything that the average person (even healthy eating person) can eat.

Thus, as a fellow food lover… This can be depressing to me.

HOWEVER, here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over my time bonding with the HCG Diet:


- Green Onion Soup (Click text for full recipe)

- Lean Beef almost hamburger (Click text for full recipe)


- Pickles (Make sure you check the label of the Pickles you select at the store but the majority of Pickles have zero calories, zero carbs)

- Flavored Stevia, add some to your water and it’s a MILLION times better than plain boring water! Plus no calories, no sugar, no carbs! Doesn’t get better than that. I  haven’t seen this available at any supermarkets so you’re going to have to find a whole foods store for this.

- Red Delicious Apples, They are red. And trust me delicious as it comes on the HCG Diet. This is my nightly snack while I snuggle in blankets and watch bad reality TV :)

- Zevia Cola, it’s a Stevia-based Diet Coke, without the cancer causing ingredients. And it’s about the only thing I could get my HCG Doc to approve of. Zevia also comes in Grape, Root Beer, and Orange Soda. (This one you will also have to go to the whole foods store for; I have yet to see it in any regular grocery store).

- Yummy Flavored Gum ,This is great because you can have as much of this as you want! Just make sure you find sugar-free gum, there is also stevia and xylitol sweetened gum available at whole food stores. My fave is Trident White Pina Colada, it’s like I’m chewing Piña Colada, while whitening my teeth and loosing weight! Plus curbing my appetite.

- Strawberried covered in stevia or xylital or a mixture! Mmmm tastes like candy! :)

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