March 22, 2010

Since HCG…

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A few days ago I just finished the three week maintenance period for HCG.
I did the HCG injections and 500 calorie diet for 35 days (I didn’t make it the full 40, ran out of injections and the will to continue). I lost 26 pounds. I did the three week maintenance period, and I’ll admit to cheating a bit on it, but I made sure I went to the gym a lot on those days so that I wouldn’t gain weight.

I’ve kept off the weight I have lost and am extremely happy with my results. I wasn’t hungry when I did the injections ever. I did see other people enjoying delicious food during this time and was tempted but wasn’t really hungry or wanting it. I also wasn’t tired or didn’t have any odd side-effects from the HCG and only in-taking 500 calories a day.

I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to loose 20 pounds or more. It was very much worth it for me! After doing this I have more energy, self esteem, and feel much better about bathing suit season creeping up…

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